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BIOClub Fitness - Unid. Vila Santa Catarina
Rua das Flechas,479, São Paulo, SP 04364-030
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BIOClub Fitness - Unid. Vila Santa Catarina


BIOClub Fitness is a fully sustainable gym that cultivates the well being of the human body and mind, aligned with the well being of the planet.

All our facilities were developed with the aim of preserving the environment, with maximum optimization of natural resources.

We have a reservoir of rainwater to supply the discharges, saving water. Our lighting and ventilation are for the most part natural. The pool heating is done by means of a heat exchanger, which exchanges heat with the environment and passes to the pool, consuming little electricity. The heating of the showers is gas and we have hand dryer.

The gym is surrounded by gardens, which makes the environment pleasant and pleasurable. In the middle of the gardens we have fruit trees like Pitangueira, Jabuticabeira, Amoreira among others. In the midst of this nature, you can calmly recover your energies after a workout.

Our teachers are highly qualified and attentive, providing a workout of result and at the same time pleasurable. We have the best equipment on the market, so that the training is effective and safe.

Here at BIOClub Fitness, people feel good, for the peaceful environment and also for the affection that our collaborators have with the students, making us all a great family!

Our mission is to provide wellness to people, coupled with a satisfaction of body and mind.

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