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Giraffe House (Casa Girafa)
Rua Palacete das Águias, 733, São Paulo, SP 04635-023
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Giraffe House (Casa Girafa)


The Giraffe House (Casa Girafa) is a special place for the family.

It was born through entrepreneurial mothers with the desire to build a real support network for other families, focusing on bonding, sustainability and integral development.

In the Giraffe House we have:

  • Physical activity for women, pregnant women and mothers who can accompany their infants and children and therapies such as massage and acupuncture;
  • Healthy and functional foods with a diverse and special menu focused on the sustainable line, to request or deliver promptly;
  • Child development center with special activities and workshops for infants and children (0 to 12 years old);
  • Special internal and external events.
Open Time: 
Segunda à sexta-feira, das 8h às 20h30. Sábados, das 9h às 12h30.