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Unique Health Clinic Innovations
Rua Ossian Terceiro Teles, 43, São Paulo, SP 04649-000
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Unique Health Clinic Innovations


Unique Health Clinic Innovations is a Clinic dedicated to End-of-Life Dentistry and Behavioral Clinical Psychology, specializing in Oral Rehabilitation and Psychotherapeutic Care. We have a modern structure and updated professionals, who constantly seek technical and scientific improvement to better serve their patients. Unique Health offers the advantage of bringing together various specialties and comfort in one place.

We have the expertise of Dr. Eduardo A. Teixeira, who has more than 20 years of experience in oral rehabilitation and collects some specialties, such as: Orthodontics, Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry, Major Oral Surgery, Grafts and Implants. During the first dental appointment we performed a digital evaluation with photographs of the patient for a complete evaluation of the case, radiographs and moldings that allow a more accurate diagnosis.

In Psychology, we have Dr. Tatiane Iancoski, a professional with more than 10 years of experience, which prioritizes humanized care, focusing on the individual's behavior. His work is aimed at children, adolescents and adults. He has a consistent experience in assessment and behavioral analysis, professional orientation and developmental techniques and social-emotional skills, with specialization in school disorders.

We provide joint care for patients who have developed trauma due to negative experiences in dentistry (odontophobia) and child care. For these patients, we work with the technique of "Gentle Dentistry" - in which we prioritize well-being, relieving fear and anxiety during treatment. In this way, we act with continuous explanation of each procedure, soft music in the office, massage in the patient's chair, ear protectors, among other techniques that make the experience a pleasant memory.

Combining technology and care, Unique Health clinic innovations provides a unique driver to its patients to facilitate the locomotion, as well as a plan of differentiated dental treatment and humanized psychological care, aiming at quality, health and well-being, which guarantees the success and results.

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Dr. Eduardo Teixeira

Dr. Eduardo André Teixeira

Specialist Graduated in Dentistry by Unicamp in the year of 1998. Has little more than 20 years of expertise in the clinical area with vast and renowned academic investment. He has courses of improvement and updating in Major Oral Surgery, Bone Grafts and Osseointegrated Implants by the University of São Paulo in the year 2000-2006. Later he specialized in Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry at the University of São Paulo - USP in 2008. He then began his career in Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics where he specialized in 2014, becoming a member of the team of Teachers of the Orthodontic Specialization course by the São Leopoldo Mandic University, 2017 so far.


Dra. Tatiane Iancoski


Clinical psychologist with experience consistent with behavioral assessment. Graduated in 2007 with update in school disorders by the Child Behavior Institute.
She acts directly with Psychodiagnosis, Child Psychotherapy (ludoterapia), Orientation for parents, Adult Psychotherapy, Professional Orientation and Career Development.
She has extensive experience in Vocational Guidance / Vocational Testing and Organizational Development. As well as, improvement in care for patients with Odontophobia - based on the technique of Gentilental Dentistry.

Sr. Claudio

Mr. Claudio

Driver specializing in driving people with defensive driving experience for just over 40 years being responsible for the leads and bringing of patients.