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Code Club Brasil - Unid. Casablanca
Rua Arthur Bliss, 465, São Paulo, SP 05842-020
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Code Club Brasil - Unid. Casablanca


Students and Volunteers
are welcome!

Code Club (Code Club or Program Club) is a worldwide network of free extracurricular activities, completely managed by volunteers, with the goal of teaching children to computer programming.

There are already 8,000 more
Programming clubs
Scattered around the world

In our clubs volunteers teach kids how to program by creating games, animations and web pages. Volunteers work in schools and / or public spaces, in one-hour workshops, once a week using the material we provide.

Our mission

The mission of Code Club is to make every child have the opportunity to learn how to program.

To this end, we provide teaching material and a volunteer structure that supports extra-curricular activities related to computer programming.

Our values

  • We believe in learning and collective work

  • We encourage discovery and inventiveness through fun

  • We believe in the transformative power of technology


Become a Volunteer Code Club

Code Club Volunteers attend an hour a week to a place to help children ages 9 to 11 learn to develop games, animations and websites using the resources made available by us.

Basic information

  • Minimum commitment of 12 weeks

  • One hour per week of dedication (usually in extra-curricular activities in contraturno)

  • Approximately 15 children aged 9-11 per club

  • No need for prior knowledge of programming

  • Help kids use Code Club stuff to make games, animations, and websites

  • Volunteering can be alone or in a group with friends and / or co-workers

For more information, use the contact form below.

Open Time: 
Saturdays: from 10hs to 12hs. Closed on July.